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  • This work for Guitar and Piano as well for any other instrument

  • LEVEL 1

    1. You have to know where you need to play the notes. The first note is Do
    2. To find out where is Do in the guitar, you need to know the first note of the C scale in the Guitar.
    3. You can find the C scale for Guitar Here
    4. If you want the C scale for Piano go Here
    5. Once you know where you play the Do in your instrument, the you have to see this video
    6. Solfeo No. 1 - Level 1 - California Music Conservatory and you need to read OUTLOUD the note Do on time.
    7. Once you can read the Solfeo No. 1 perfectly, then you have to play it on your instrument.
    8. Think that this Solfeo is a song, so you need to play it perfect.
    9. Once you can read and play the Solfeo No. 1 - Level 1 then you have to do the next Solfeo.

    Solfeo No. 2

    1. Solfeo No. 2 - Level 1 - California Music Conservatory This is the next solfeo.
    2. Do the same thing then before, Read OUTLOUD the solfeo and then play it.
    3. Once you do that go to the next.Solfeo No. 3 - Level 1 - California Music Conservatory

    After Solfeo No. 10

    1. Once you can do Solfeo No. 10, the the next step Solfeo No. 3.
    2. Solfeo No. 3 For Beginners - Level 1 This has many Solfeos in two pages.
    3. Solfeo No. 10 is the forth staff in the first page.
    4. Now you have to PRINT the 2 pages of solfeo
    5. after printing, then you need to listen to the Solfeo Music and read OUTLOUD along.
    6. The solfeo music has ALL the solfeos in the 2 pages of level 3 for beginner.
    7. Read from beginning to end, several times.
    8. After you can read all the solfeos good, from level 3, you go to Level 4
    9. The you do Solfeo 5, by then you'll know what to do next.
    10. Level 6, then level 7.
    11. At this point you'll be ready to start the REAL SOLFEOS.
    12. Solfeo No. 1 to 10
    13. Then 11 to 20 and keep counting, you should finish at least 100 solfeos, to be able to read music fairly well.


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