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Saturday, 19 May 2012 22:28


The Best Way To Practice

  • When you are practicing an instrument you need to be constant, it's much better to practice 10 minutes everyday for a week, then 2 hours in just one day and the rest of the week nothing. You need to practice everyday

    • First you need to start learning a song. Choose a song from level 1, if you are beginner, or maybe level 2 or 3. (or any level) then you need to see how many measures the song has. (4, 16, 30) and you need to set a goal to play that song, let's say one week.

      • If the song has 6 measures you have to play that song in 6 days, so 1 measure per day. Always listen to the song first a lot of times so you know how the song goes. Listen to the song the way it supposed to be played, not the original artist song or a different arrangement, you need to know how it sounds when you play the song.

        • Study the first measure or 2 or three measures the first day. To play that it may take 5 minutes or more, maybe half hour, if the song is more difficult it may take more than half hour. Don't think of 10 minutes or :30 minutes a day, think measures per day.

          • Once you can play the measure(s) play it many times at least 10 times without mistakes. If you can do that, then you are ready to keep going.

            • You should be playing scales everyday, and studies and exercises. So depending on your level, but play one or a few scales first, then practice your new song, after that play some of your favorite songs that you already know, so you don't forget them.

              • If you practice like that, everyday, you will see a lot of improvement in a few months. Going from level 1 to level four or five it will take a normal student about a year. With music lessons once a week and very little practice per day. If you practice more you can do that in 8 to 10 months.

                • There are many scales and many chords, don't try to learn all of them, it will be to much and you'll never do it. Learn chords with songs, so learn a song that has 2 or 3 chords and you will learn those chords, then another chord, with maybe 2 new chords and like that. Eventually you will know a lot of chords to play many songs.

                  • Finally, you need to study Solfeo, (Which is reading and writing music) and Music Theory, that way, when you try to play a song you will understand it better, and it will be easier to play.

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