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The Best Way To Complete Level 3

Level 3

  • You need to play 11 songs from level 3. You must play each song perfect, without mistakes.
  • For the piano program level 3, you must play Pirates Of The Caribbean. For the guitar program level 3 you must play All I Have To Do Is Dream. A total of 12 songs for level 3. Remember that the songs are a little bit longer, so you have to study and practice more.
  • Now you are in the real Solfeo. You need to learn and study 20 Solfeos, the first 10 is for level 3, the next 10 for level 4. Practice and study Solfeo 1-10 Here is Solfeo 1-20.The teacher will make a test to make sure you are ready for the next 10 solfeos.

When you study music, you need to learn many things, or subjects to study, in the California Music Conservatory we have 4 subjects for level 3; SONGS III, MUSIC THEORY III, WRITING MUSIC III and SOLFEO III. (Solfeo is reading music). Here are all the things the student must know to complete the level 3 program.


  1. Song 1
  2. Song 2
  3. Song 3
  4. Song 4
  5. Song 5
  6. Song 6
  7. Song 7
  8. Song 8
  9. Song 9
  10. Song 10
  11. Song 11
  12. Song 12


  1. Write your own song. You should know all this.
  2. The Staff.
  3. The Treble Clef, or The Bass Clef.
  4. The time signature
  5. Bar lines and measures.
  6. Double Bar Line, and Ledger lines
  7. Whole, Half, Quarter and Eight Notes
  8. Whole, Half, Quarter and Eight Rests
  9. Flats, Sharps and Naturals


  1. Writing music 5
  2. Writing music 6
  3. Writing music 7
  4. Writing music 8
  5. Writing music 9
  6. Writing music 10
  7. Writing music 11


  1. Solfeo 1-20, No. 1
  2. Solfeo 1-20, No. 2
  3. Solfeo 1-20, No. 3
  4. Solfeo 1-20, No. 4
  5. Solfeo 1-20, No. 5
  6. Solfeo 1-20, No. 6
  7. Solfeo 1-20, No. 7
  8. Solfeo 1-20, No. 8
  9. Solfeo 1-20, No. 9
  10. Solfeo 1-20, No. 10

The ideal time to finish this program is 5 months. A minimum of 20 :30 min. Lessons. It all depend in the student. Age, ability, practice time, interest, all these things make a big difference. Some students may take 6 months or more.

Once the student finish level 3, he/she will be ready to study level 4.

The goal of this program is to make sure the student is learning at the right level, if you have a kindergarten student and you make him study something from college, it will be impossible, too difficult, the student will quit. Or if you have a college student doing things from kindergarten it will be to boring, he will not learn more and he will quit. The best way is to balance the learning process so is challenging enough so they can learn more, but not so difficult that they want to quit.

Once you start the program, you need to finish the program to see results. Any student who finish the music program for level 3 of the California Music Conservatory at Easy Music School, will be prepare to play thousands of songs at that level.


Most people, young children and adults will finish level 1 and 2. Starting on level 3 and 4, the songs are a little bit longer, more difficult, a little bit faster, and require more practice. 10 or 20% will quit at this level, and they will never learn to play an instrument. Be patience and understand that takes time to complete this level. Please make sure you are one of the few that actually finish this level.


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