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Smoke On The Water

  • You should be able to play this song with a a minimum effort. 30 minutes of practice or maybe less. Unless you are a 5 year old. But for most people it should not take more than an hour to play. There is no easier level than this.

    • The best way to learn this song, or any other song, from this level. Is to watch the video as many times as necessary, until you feel that you understand the song, and you are familiar with the tune. Concentrate on the movement of the keys on the piano first and then look at the actual notes on the staff, feel the music and try to sing along with it. Once you start to play the song, feel free to come back to watch the video more times.

      • Once you are familiar with the song, and how it sounds, then print the music score PDF below.

        • Now, with the actual music sheet on your hands, start playing the notes on the keyboard or the piano, one by one, if you don't know where to play a note, please watch the video again, or study a little bit of Music Theory

          • All of the songs in this level are very simple and easy to play. If you play all of the songs in this level, you should be able to play songs from level 2

            • If this song in particular, even thought is in level 1, still is a little bit difficult to play, don't worry, just choose another song from this level, a song that you can actually play, keep playing more songs, and after a few more months, come back to this song, and you'll see that it will be very easy to play.

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