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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 17:55

Enjoy Music, Enjoy Life!

We love to teach music, we have been doing it for the past 30 years!

The first thing is that music is one of the greatest art in the universe. Imagine a world without music...not good. Music is an art that touches people life in a way no other art can do, and learning music takes time. At California Music Conservatory and Easy Music School we take pride in teaching music and helping people learn to play an instrument. We teach three very important skills to learn music and anything else in life, first we teach students how to be organized if you are not organized, it will be very difficult to learn music or anything else, we keep one file for each students, so we know and they know what they have to learn and how they have to learn it. Second, we teach discipline You have to have disciplined and study everyday, music is not an extra activity just to pass the time, music takes time, a lot of time, and only if you practice the right way, everyday, for a long period of time, you will be able to actually play an instrument fairly good, and if you keep doing it, you might get really good at it. Third, we teach responsibility You have to be responsible, you have to learn so many songs per month, you have to come to lessons every week, practice every day, and do all your homework, just like normal school, if you want to graduate from college, you have to be good. Everybody says "Practice, make perfect" but in real life is "Good practice, practicing the right way is what makes people perfect" because you can be practicing all day long, but if you're practicing the wrong way, it's worst. So at Easy Music School we tell you how you can practice, what you should practice every day to succeed in learning music.

We are working really hard to make this web-site easy to understand, and with a lot of tools for you to learn music, and we hope you like it and recommend it to everybody who wants to know more about music. Thanks for all your support and remember, music is forever, music will make you more smart, intelligent and music will touch your life in a way you can only feel it when you feel it

If you have any more questions, please call at 951-304-9798 or let us know in the day of your lesson

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