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Wednesday, 30 May 2012 17:42


Ode To Joy

  • You should be able to play this song in less than a week, if you can't, please play songs from level 1

    • The best way to learn this song, or any other song, is to watch the video at least 10 times. Concentrate on the actual fretboard first, and see where you need to put the fingers, then see the TABS and look at the numbers you need to play. Finally look at the actual music notes and see how they go up pr down.

      • Once you are familiar with the song, and how it sounds, then print the music score PDF below.

        • Now, with the actual music sheet on your hands, play the video a few more times and put your eyes on the paper, and read along with the music, listen to the song while looking at the music sheet, and the TABS.

          • Do that a few more times and with your index finger, pointing at the notes as the same time as you are listening to the music.

            • Now, count the measures in the song, in this song Ode To Joy, you have 16 measures. And you have six days to play the song. Play about 3 measures per day and you'll be fine. Remember, learn to play the first 3 measures the first day, it doesn't matter how long it takes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever, until you can play those 3 measures perfect with no mistake at least 10 times, you're good.

              • Then next day learn the new 3 measures, and you should be able to play 6 measures by now, if you can't then practice more, a lot more. Every day you add the new measures to your practice time.

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