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How to pass level 2 - Officially

Officially Level 2:

  • You need to be a regular student at Easy Music School. To be accepted in level 2 of the California Music Conservatory you need to show a valid certificate from level 1, without it, you will not qualify to be a regular level 2 student.
  • You need to complete 36 half hour lessons.
  • Play a minimum of 12 songs from level 2. (a Mandatory song plus 11 more).
  • Pass Music Theory No. 2, with 100%.
  • Pass writing music No. 3 and 4, 100%.
  • Pass Solfeo 6, and Solfeo 7 for beginners. Reading music exercise, all 28 exercises.
  • Play one mandatory song for level 1.
  • Upon satisfactorily completing all requirements you will receive a certificate by E-mail, from the California Music Conservatory. In order to be accepted in level 3, you will need to print that certificate and have a qualified and certified teacher from Easy Music School sign it.
  • This program is only for piano or guitar.
  • To receive the certificate you will have to present one recital, where you will play 5 songs from the 12 that you have learned. You must complete the recital with more than 90% grade.
  • To pass this level you will take between 3 to 6 months, depending on age, ability, practice time and desire to learn music.

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