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Saturday, 27 November 2010 20:57

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Guitar Lesson No. 77 - How To Play The D Chord

In order to play songs, you have to know how to play all the chords, here we have one chord, the D major chord. Most people just write the letter D and we know it's a D major. The D major has 3 notes; Re-Fa#-La (or D-F#-A) it is one of the most popular chords and it's very easy to play.

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In the Key of D you have six basic chords: D - Em - F#m - G - A - Bm, you can also use A7.

Some of the basic progressions in this key are.

D - Bm - G - A

D - F#m - G - A7

D - A - D - G - A7 - D

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